Corporate Rental

Cheap and valuable car rentals in Dubai

Car rental these days have become a trend. Now one can easily rent a car in a matter of no time. One can monthly rent a car Dubai or even luxury rent a car Dubai at very affordable price quotes. The monthly car rental Dubai varies from company to company and also depends on the time and the type of car you prefer to rent. The long term car rental Dubai plans are more reasonable than the short term plans.

MYK is a very reputed company that offers such services at the most competitive price quotes. The company works very peculiarly in order to offer you with the best car rental plansaltered to particular needs and demands of you and your precious employees.

Now enjoy the amazing car pool with your colleagues at very effective rates via MYK.

Monthly Plans
  • Great savings off our already low monthly rates
  • Ideal for corporate relocations, temporary work assignments or interns
  • Can be used while waiting for a new fleet car
  • Short-term rental flexibility, with long-term discounts
365 Rental Plan
  • Much better savings off our MYK Monthly plan.
  • Ideal for corporate locations, long term work assignments.
  • Cars for new hires or renewing rentals for existing employees.
  • Long-term discounts and hassle free driving.
  • Get new cars at the time of renewal.
Vans, Buses & Passenger Transport
  • MYK also provides vans, buses and passenger transport vehicles on a rental contract for a period equal to or greater than eight months minimum.
  • Businesses can use this effectively to bring their labor on work on time and drop them off conveniently.
  • Both with driver and without driver options can be tailored to match your specific business requirements.

Your work force can reach work safely, quickly OR you can use these to transport goods to inter locations within UAE.

*At the time of renewal of the rental program after a year we will change the existing cars to newer less driven cars with a nominal rate increase.

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